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Europe in the Middle Ages 9.1кб.
Vocabulary. Questions. In the year 1000, Western Europe was just emerging from the long depression commonly known as the Dark Ages. Shortly before the beginning of the millennium, the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III moved his capital and court back to the Eternal City.
Russian literature 9.5кб.
Russian literature. Vocabulary. Questions. Russian literature in the last half of the nineteenth century provided an artistic medium for the discussion of political and social issues that could not be addressed directly because of government restrictions.
Francis Bacon 12.4кб.
Vocabulary. Questions. The seventeenth century was the time of the development of various branches of science. The new mood had been established by Bacon was a lawyer who entered Parliament early and became James I`s Lord Chancellor.
Теория потребительского поведения Предельная полезность Кривые безразличия 39.6кб.
Закон убывающей предельной полезности. Предельная полезность и кривая спроса. Время деньги, а может быть, большие деньги. Теория кривых безразличия. Еще два свойства бюджетной линии заслуживают внимания.
Staatsorgane des Bundes 21.1кб.
Bundestag. Bildung und Aufl sung des Bundestages. Vokabeln: Der Bundestag, das Parlament, ist das zentrale Repr sentationsorgan der BRD. Er bestimmt durch Gesetz die Aufgaben und Befugnisse der anderen Bundesorgane, soweit sie nicht schon durch das Grundgesetz selbst festgelegt sind.
Bundesgesetze 20.3кб.
Ein vom Bundestag beschlossenes Gesetz kommt demnach zustande, wenn der Bundesrat zustimmt, den Antrag auf Einbringung des Vermittlungsausschusses nicht stellt, in der vorgesehenen Zeit keinen Einspruch einlegt Oder ihn zur cknimmt oder wenn der Einspruch vom Bundestag berstimmt wird.
Die Bundesregierung Der Bundeskanzler 19.6кб.
Die vom Kanzler gegebenen Richtlinien sind von jedem Minister einzuhalten und zu verwirklichen. Der Bundeskanzler kann die Einhaltung seiner Richtli nien durchsetzen, u erstenfalls indem erdem Bundespr sidenten die Entlassung eines nicht kooperationsbereiten Bundesministers vorschlagt.
Odessa 10.3кб.
My native city is Odessa. Odessa, a seaport and administrative center of Odessa region, is situated in the south-western part of Ukraine. It stands on a shallow indentation of the Black Sea coast at a point approximately 19 mile’s (31 km.
Verteidigung des Beklagten 14.3кб.
Der Beklagte kann sich auch mit Einreden gegen die Klage wehren. Bei Einreden handelt es sich um Behauptungen, die sich nicht gegen die Anspruchvoraussetzungen als solche richten. Dabei m ssen unterschieden werden: rechtshindernde Einreden, also Tatsachen, die die Entstehung des Anspruchs verhindem z.
ETS450WLL Wireless Access System 15.2кб.
ETS450wll Wireless Access System. Flexible and Highly Adaptable Macro Cellular Networking. Система. Гибкое и высоко-адаптируемое макро-сотовое построение сети. Грамматическое задание. Грамматическое задание.
Education in GB 3.2кб.
These schools consist of denominational and non-denominational schools. I`d like to yell you about non-denominational school. One must study there for 6 years. It`s open to all boys and girls. There are the six years in this school.
Билеты по английскому языку за 11 класс 129кб.
The United States of America. Learning foreign language russin traditios traditions customs of great BRITIAN. Pushkin. Abraham Lincoln. Books in my LIFE. of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated on the British Isles.
My school 2 2.4кб.
First of all i`d like to tell you about my school which i`ve just left is one of the specialized schools in Moscow. It is famous for its high-quality education and strict discipline. To my mind, our school-lycium is very well equipped.
Der Bundesrat 12.9кб.
Im Bundesrat werden die Länder durch die Mitglieder ihrer Regierungen (Ministerpräsidenten, Minister, Senatoren) vertreten. Jedes Land kann so viele Vertreter in den Bundesrat entsenden, wie es Stimmen hat.
Hobbies 2.3кб.
Differ like tastes. If you have chosen a hobby according to your character and taste - you are lucky because your life becomes more interesting are divided into four large classes : doing things, making things, collecting things, and learning things.
The Hermitage Gallery 3.2кб.
I`d like to tell you about the Hermitage Gallery, one of the largest and well known museums in the world. Two months ago together with my classmates I was on an exersion in S. Petersburg. I visited many places of interest including the Hermitage Gallery.
Customs and traditions 2.1кб.
I am going to tell you about English customs and traditions. First of all it concerns United Kingdom political system. In Great Britain there is no written constitution, only customs, traditions and precedents.
Robin Hood and The Sheriff 1.9кб.
The sheriff was more frightened and wanted to go back, but Robin Hood invited him to dine with Merry Men. That was just what Robin Hood always did. He gave those men, who took money from poor people, a very fine dinner, and than he made them pay very much money for it.
Robin Hood`s love 3.2кб.
Robin Hood`s love When Robin Hood lived in his father’s house, he often met a girl. Her name was Marian. She lived with her father not far from Robin’s house. They walked in the forest and sometimes went hunting together.
Ukraine Geographical Position 2.9кб.
1. Ukraine is a rich farming, industrial and mining region in south-eastern Europe. It is an independent democratic state. Its population is about 52 mln people. The capital of Ukraine is Kiev.
My attitude to sport 2.1кб.
I would like to tell about my attitude to sport. Sport is very important in our life. We meet it since the very first days of the life. When a mother puts her baby’s arms left and right it is the first step to physical training Then a child goes to a kindergarten and has lessons in physical training.
Robin Hood 2.3кб.
Robin Hood went to Nottingham Market and sold the meat very cheap. The butchers in Nottingham were very angry with Robin Hood for selling the meat so cheap. They wanted to know where he came from. They invited Robin to a dinner with the sheriff of Nottingham.
The constitution of Ukraine 3.9кб.
The adoption of a new constitution of Ukraine on the 28th of June 1996 became an important event in the life of the people of Ukraine. Our country has long-standing constitutional traditions. The first Constitution of Ukraine was written by hetman Philip Orlyk in 1710.
All English proverbs and sayings 243.9кб.
Here you can see all the proverbs and sayings I found. 1. A bad beginning makes a bad ending 2. A bad corn promise is better than a good lawsuit 3. A bad workman quarrels with his tools 4. A bargain is a bargain 5. A beggar can never be bankrupt
Category of number of the noun 21.2кб.
one more than one Regular Plurals. Nouns ending in. vowels voiced consonants. - -s(bee-bees, dog-dogs, z ). Voiceless consonants. (book-books, s ). s,-sh,-ss,-ch,-x,-z. (actress-actresses, iz ).
Creative Activity 2 9.2кб.
foster parents. persuade. retrospect. eventually. accidentally. embarrass. to be close. regret. bother. tripping. knickers. devote. entire. follow. footsteps. on a real high (a feeling of extreme pleasure or excitement). to be upset. I do not mind.
Daddy Long Legs 37.1кб.
. Orphan. сирота. Asylum приют. to scold - бранить, ругать. to do well делать успехи. curious. любопытный. to sew шить, зашывать. allowance. содержание, денежная помощь. to trust.
Die Parteien im Deutschen Bundestag 9кб.
Parteien. Deutschen. Bundestag. Politische. entstanden. Europa. Jahrhundert. Verfassung. Foderalisten. Republikaner. Frankreich. Franzosischen. Girondisten. Jakobiner. Deutschland. bildeten. ersten. Partien. Demokraten. Leberale.
Faculty of clinical psycology 7.2кб.
The FACULTY OF CLINICAL PSYHOLOGY Over the years NAMU has become the centre providing higher medical education to the whole Archangel Region. It has recently established a number of new faculties to train specialists within the field of human services including.
Good Neighbours. Test 15.4кб.
Good Neighbors. The neighborhood Watch scheme all started a few years ago in the quiet village of Mollington after a number of burglaries in the village and the surrounding area. The residents of the village camp up with the idea that they themselves could keep an eye on their neighbors property while they were away on holiday.
Subjunctive or conditional mood 17.6кб.
Now we come to a very difficult set of problems. namely those. connected with the subjunctive (or conditional) mood The chief difficulty analysis has to face here is the absence of a mutual relation between meaning and form. Sometimes the same external series.
Tall Stranger 36.5кб.
. ponderously. тяжеловесно. to cake. забивать. bloodshot eyes. кровью глаза. aching muscles болящие мускулы. stallion. to appreciate smb`s problems. принимать ч-л проблемы. vision.
The People Trade 19.9кб.
. ДОМАШНЕЕ ЧТЕНИЕ. Выполнил студент 2-го курса.
The development of computers in the USA 12.4кб.
THE DEVELOPMENT OF COMPUTERS IN THE. In the early 1960s, when computers were hulking mainframes that took up entire rooms, engineers were already toying with the then - extravagant notion of building a computer intended for the sole use of one person. by the early.
Today England leading working 19.5кб.
УФИМСКИЙ ТЕХНОЛОГИЧЕСКИЙ ИНСТИТУТ СЕРВИСА. Контрольная. работа. по английскому языку. Студентка. заочного факультета. группа ГУЗ 01-40. шифр 2399 330. Проверила. г.Салават, 1999 г (открытый).
Toronto 45.5кб.
Куда пойти путешественнику в незнакомом городе, если он приехал в него не в составе туристической группы Канада как раз принадлежит к числу стран, куда групповые туры из России практически не организуются. Поэтому, если вы приехали в Торонто по гостевой или бизнес-визе.
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